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Top 10 Must Do Items Before School Starts

1. Lesson Plans

Overplan! Overplan! Overplan! You can never go wrong when you have too many activities planned. It is so much easier to NOT DO an activity than it is to think of one on the spot!

2. Vary your Activities

Alternate a fun activity with a rules/procedures or other teacher activity. For example: introductions - name game - go over rules & personal expectations - teaming activity/game - class procedures - skits

3. Make Day of the Week Folders

Use manila folders and label each one in a different color with the day of the week. You could also use colored manila folders. Laminate. Place lesson plans & materials for each day in these folders.

4. Have Substitute Folder Ready

Include: procedures & detailed daily schedule, math practice sheet, journal topics, grade level team members' names & room numbers. Place this in the day of the week folder. You can add to this throughout the year.

5. Posters of Rules & Consequences

Laminate and hang where students can easily see them.

6. Poster with Daily Schedule written out

Laminate and hang where students can easily see it.

7. Get Important Student Forms

Office referral, Discipline, Counselor referral, other.

8. Organize files in filing cabinet

If you don't do this before school starts, you'll be swamped and will never have the time to do it.

9. Know what students are going to do with supplies

Have a procedure ready when they walk in the door - Keep? Stack in the corner? Take up?

10. Welcome notes for students

Write out the same note for every student and do not write student names on these. This will save you time and trouble! You may want to include a pencil or piece of candy on the note. Middle school teachers - type out the note with a cute font and copy on colored paper.

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